Ginza Kitafuku
Fabulous Sake Pairing
8,000yen (1 person)

Rare Sake, seasonal limited Sake will be leading you to an exclusive dinner experience.
Inviting you to the beautiful world of Sake.

Matsuba Crab Course (Only In Winter)

40,000yen -

Appetizers, Sushi, full course of famous fresh Matsuba crab dishes, porridge of matsuba crab & rice, desserts

It is a luxurious course using matsuba crab representing winter taste.
If you would like to order extra large size (1.3 kg or more), please make a request in the request box or by phone and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

In addition to Matsuba Crab, we can also prepare a special crab course with a designated place of origin.

Live Echizen Crab Course: 50,000 yen and up.

Live Taiza Crab Course: 60,000 yen and up .

Live Itsukiboshi Crab Course: 110,000 yen and up.

Live Echizen Crab "KIWAMI" Course: 230,000 yen and up.

The crab designated by the region may not arrive due to weather conditions or other factors. Also, prices are subject to change. We will inform you of the situation and discuss with you as the reservation date approaches.

Golden Crab Course
(Only In Autumn & Winter & Spring)

Market Price

Appetizers, Sushi, full course of premium fresh golden crab dishes, porridge of golden crab & rice, desserts.

Golden crab is a natural cross between famous matsuba crab & red snow crab.

Chances of landing are 0.1 %

This golden crab has several excellent characteristics, such as golden yellow shell, super rich flavor of crab meat & crab miso (miso-like paste found inside a crab).

You will experience the once in a lifetime taste of this golden crab.

Red King Crab course

27,000yen -

Appetizers, Sushi, full course of various red king crab dishes, traditionally pod cooked rice with authentic miso soup, desserts

The Red King Crab course representing Kita-Fuku.You will see the artistic performance of our brilliant chef cooking the large crab alive in front of you. You will experience the mouth watering taste of the crab cuisine.

King-size hair crab course

30,000yen -

Appetizers, Sushi, full course of king-size hair crab dishes, traditionally pod cooked rice with authentic miso soup, desserts

Exceptional course for those who want to enjoy only 毛蟹(hair crab) to their heart's content.
Only the king sizes would be served, for the larger it gets, the richer the taste becomes.
sashimi, shabushabu…in any style, all the tastes, flavors are all yours.

※Please note that prices may increase due to higher purchase prices.
In addition, we can prepare a course with your favorite combination of crab and ingredients (abalone, suppon, Matsuzaka beef, torafugu, uni, hamo eel, natural eel, matsutake mushroom). Please feel free to consult us.

List price doesn't include service charge & tax